Kindle Unlimited

Does anyone have this subscription? I’ve just bought this and I’m interested in the service but, is it worth it? There are tonnes of books on there that fascinate me, though. I can’t wait to add my favourites to my Kindle App.

For those of you who haven’t found this feature provided by Amazon, it is a monthly subscription that allows you to downloads e-books onto your Kindle devices or Android/iPhone apps. They even have a cloud reader too. The premise seems simple enough. I’m just hoping that it proves worth the £7.99 monthly price tag.

I’ve downloaded ‘The Lure‘ by S.W. Hubbard a murder mystery surrounding a kidnapped child and its deceased mother.

In a small Adirondack Mountain town, secrets are hard to keep. No wonder Trout Run, NY is shocked when sweet, dowdy Mary Pat Sheehan dies from complications of childbirth. No one even knew she was pregnant. How did she hide her condition? Who is the father?
And where is the baby?
Mary Pat’s devout parents are frozen in denial, but Police Chief Frank Bennett is determined not to let this scandal be swept under the rug. The more he digs, the more convinced he becomes that Mary Pat’s baby is very much alive. That someone is criminally responsible for Mary Pat’s death. And that other vulnerable young women are at risk.
When Frank uncovers a highly profitable black market adoption ring operating on his turf, he is determined to root it out. But cooperation is hard to find. For loving couples desperate to create a family, the lure of a healthy white infant is impossible to resist. And for wily manipulators desperate for cash, the lure is even stronger. Now Frank must navigate the dangerous intersection of love and greed. And one wrong turn could spell death to those he most wants to protect.
Fans of Craig Johnson’s Walt Longmire mysteries will enjoy the adventures of this small town Adirondack detective.
  • Publisher: Amazon Media
  • Genre: Mystery, Crime, Thriller, Suspense, Fiction
  • ASIN: B00WTGB7V4
  • Format: E-Book (Kindle)
  • Publishing Date: 27th April 2015

This is the second book in the Frank Bennet Adirondack Mystery series written by S.W. Hubbard an American author who teaches creative writing classes to teens and adults alike in her hometown of Morristown, NJ.

I’m really interested in this book and can’t wait to get stuck in. I’ll post a review as soon as I can.

Let me know if any of you have Kindle Unlimited and what you think of it. Good, bad, it doesn’t matter I’m interested in it all.



One thought on “Kindle Unlimited

  1. I have the subscription. I run into a lot of indie authors in desperate need of book reviews. Having this program makes it really easy (and painless) for me to read and review their books. I don’t like that my reviews don’t show up as “verified purchase” but on well. The other thing I really like is I like to skim non-fiction books. This makes it easy to download, skim through what I want, and return without worrying about wasting money. I’m not a fast fiction reader, so that part of the service wouldn’t be worth it.

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