Book Club

Book Clubs

Today, I joined my local Waterstones book club. I’m a member of a few online clubs on Goodreads, but I thought a physical book club would be more beneficial due my current period in life, and I can tell you it was brilliant fun. 

I’ve met some wonderful new people, and the lady who runs it is knowledgeable, encouraging and personable. The highlight book for this month was: The Ashes of London by Andrew Taylor that I reviewed earlier today in preparation for tonight’s meeting and also because my mum had bought it for my birthday in January.

The attendees all said it was a brilliant book but a little lacking in depth and that C.J. Sansom’s Shardlake series was a lot better by miles. Some even queried whether Andrew Taylor was a pseudonym for Sansom. 

This month’s selection contained a variety of genres and authors ranging from Philip Pullman to Ruby Wax.

I’ve yet to decide which of the selection takes my fancy but, I’ll keep you all updated as soon as possible.


6 thoughts on “Book Clubs

      1. Yeah, that would be nice, but the we don’t have libraries aside from the one operated by the government, and the bookstores here are major ones without any community 😦

        Regardless, at least I can talk about a few books with my friends XD


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