About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog where I post about everything book related. Mainly it will be about the books I’ve hauled both physically and digitally. I don’t work for any publication I just have a healthy obsession with books. Always have and always will.

I have multiple social media accounts e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. I also have a Goodreads profile and can be found on NetGalley.com which, is a site dedicated to bibliophiles of all creeds as well as publishers and other professional bodies.

The reason why I’ve started this blog is for numerous reason but the main ones focus on:

  1. My love of reading (whatever the genre/topic)
  2. My need to talk about the books I’m reading
  3. To see other people’s opinions on the way a book is written, the content, characters etc.

I used to hate analysing books when I was younger becauseĀ it felt like I was diminishing a book’s worth mainly because of how I felt and connected with a particular text. Now, analysis of a publication is everything to me. I love the way it makes me connect with the author and see their creation through their eyes e.g., the sentence structure, the choice in characterization, the tiny details that draw you deeper into a world of ink.

I also aspire to inspire others to read more books because the world with books in it is most definitely a rich one. A cleverly written book can fill you with hope, courage and self-worth only then to shatter your dreams in one witty remark, only to build you back up again.

Throughout this blog of which, many exist you, will come across not only recommendations, thoughts and feelings but also a yearning to experience a new world too.